Evidence Capturing

The UK National Strategy for Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing (AM-3DP) is being developed in five stages.


Scoping workshops

As part of process of capturing the initial evidence, three Scoping Workshops were held in March and June 2015 attended by over 150 industry, government and academic representatives. The outputs of these workshops helped to define the scope of the Call for Evidence that was launched in May 2015.

The workshops used a simple structured mapping technique to capture the views of delegates on current and future opportunities and barriers for the adoption of AM-3DP.  Delegates were grouped around a series of themes (based broadly around the delegates’ sectors). Each group then discussed the barriers and opportunities from various perspectives, and the outputs of these discussions were then captured using Post-It notes mapped onto a simple framework.  To support the classification of issues, the Post-Its were coded as pink/red for barriers, green for opportunities, and yellow for unclassified.  Groups then identified the key themes (shown with yellow arrows) emerging from their discussions. These key themes are now being used to target specific issues to be investigated in the Call for Evidence.

All the issues captured via Post-Its were captured and are available for download by clicking on this link: UK National Strategy for AM-3DP Data from Scoping Workshops March and June 2015 public.


IMG_0290IMG_0307IMG_0440  IMG_0317

On-line Call for Evidence

An on-line survey was run during the summer of 2015 to capture input from as wide a community as possible. A summary of the data captured from this survey and the Scoping Workshops is published in two reports:

Update Report 1: How Was The Evidence Collected?

Update Report 2: What Did The Initial Evidence Reveal?